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OC Historical Society at the           2015 July 4th Parade


Thanks to Marilyn Blasczyk for organizing our float in this year's parade.  Her story follows:


Our theme this year for the float was, “Celebrate the Flag!” With the help of neighbors and members a rusty old wagon on my farm was transformed into a red, white and blue flag float for Oak Creek's, 4th of July Celebration.


I have to sincerely thank a young man, Jeremy Knier for initiating the spirit of the Holiday. Jeremy worked diligently sanding, painting, building the sign holder and making the decisions; what type of candy and how much. Above all, Jeremy gave me a HISTORY lesson, why the 4th of July is important! “We should celebrate our freedom with our community.” he said. I must admit, I lost that perspective but a fine young person; Jeremy with a great attitude sparked the flame in me.


Well, back to candy. Candy is important to the smiling faces along the parade route. From young and old I heard, “They have the GOOD candy!” Plus, from fellow citizens that are familiar with the Oak Creek Pioneer Village, some shouts of, “Love the Village!”


Our driver was my neighbor Terry Knier, Jeremy’s father. On July 3rd, we realized we didn’t have a hitch with a 3 to 4 inch drop. One call, to the best neighbor you could ever have and a member, Jerry Dittrich. Jerry had exactly what we needed. Plus, he constructed the lights and the back gate. We were ready!


Special thanks to Mr. Matt Sauer, the Store Manager at Farm and Fleet for generously giving the Oak Creek Historical Society the sale price for the candy. So, we had double the treats for the children.


The wagon is tucked away in my shed and covered with canvas waiting for another 4th. Members, you don’t have to walk the route. If you want to drive or be in the vehicle and waive flags that’s fine. All children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces are welcome to our Society and to be a part of Oak Creek Historical Society’s 4th Celebration. I was reminded that July 4th is a not only a National Celebration but a COMMUNITY Celebration! I want to invite you for July 4th , 2016.

left to right - Marilyn Blasczyk, Terry Knier, Jeremy Knier

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