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Oak Creek Historical Society

2018 Events Recap

All events were held at the Oak Creek Historical Society Museum, at the corner of Forest Hill Avenue and 15th Avenue

June 10, 2018  -  1:30 pm

On the Home Front: A Civil War Wife's Story – Ms. Asa Farr, portrayed by Ms. Chris Brooks

After rebel forces fired on Fort Sumter, President Lincoln declared war and called for 75,000 troops to put down the rebellion. The governor of Wisconsin called on all of the patriotic women of the state to contribute aid, prepare bandages, offer kindness, encouragement and prayers. Mrs. Asa Farr describes life on the home front after the men marched away to war, the women's work that supported the war effort, and how the conflict affected everyday people.


July 15, 2018  -  1:30 pm

Civil War Demonstration by the Sons of Union Veterans

The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War will make a wide-ranging presentation including performance of Civil War music, how to load and fire a musket and other topics involving soldiers. The presentation will conclude with a short memorial service to a few boys from Oak Creek who are MIA on various famous battlefields in distant states. There will be several display tables. This will be presented by the C.K. Pier Badger Camp #1 of the Sons, based in Milwaukee and including members from Oak Creek.




















August 12, 2018  -  1:30 pm

Mary Todd Lincoln - "Preserve the Union" – portrayed by Ms. Jessica Michna

Mary recalls her early years and education in Lexington, Kentucky. She tells of her move to Springfield, Illinois, where she would meet and marry the young prairie lawyer. Mary introduces the audience to life in Washington, regaling her listeners with stories about her boys, including her biggest boy, Mr. Lincoln. In this time of national strife, the Lincolns would suffer personal tragedies, concluding on that fateful day in April of 1865.

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