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Seymer Farmstead and Veterinary


Location: 7764 S 13th Street Oak Creek, WI

Established: 1849

Michael Seymer and his wife Christine Nodtrazj Seymer left Coelleda, Germany, and came to America by way of the port of Bremen, Germany, in 1849. The Seymers traveled with seven brothers, Michael’s father and stepmother, paying 33 thalers (German dollars) each for the trip. Michael and Christine traveled on to Oak Creek where they purchased 76 acres of farmland for 1000 thalers. The Seymers built a timber frame home on the farmland about 1853.


Michael and Christine had seven children. In 1896, one of the children, Reinhold Seymer and his wife Sophia Stadtler Seymer took over the land. One of their children, Dr. Harry F. Seymer took ownership of the property after serving in World War I. He started a veterinarian practice in Oak Creek about 1919, the same year he married Alma Matthes. They had a son, Harry R. and a daughter, Luella.


Harry R. Seymer inherited the property from his father, Harry F. Seymer. Harry R. was a highly decorated World War II veteran, serving in the Pacific theater. He earned an electrical engineering degree from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and worked at Heil Co., then later at the Department of Defense as a contract administrator. Harry R. sold the property to Daniel Oelschlaeger in 1968. Mr. Oelschlaeger has performed extensive restoration of the home which still stands on 13th Street.

Attribution:  Dan Oelschlaeger

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