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Wohlust Blacksmith Shop


The Edgar Wohlust blacksmith shop was built in 1886 and was one of 8 such shops that served the Oak Creek area over the years. It was moved to our complex in 1970. The shop was originally located on Oakwood Rd. just east of Nicholson Rd.


Edgar Wohlust learned the trade from his father, Ernst, who in turn learned the trade from Andrew Puetz. Ernst served his apprenticeship under Puetz by walking 23 miles roundtrip each day to get to the Puetz's shop. Edgar bettered his smithing skills while serving in WW I, learning many techniques that would help him continue his business after horses would no longer be the main power providers on farms.


Inside the shop, there is a large selection of tools, most of which were part of the business when it was in use. Blacksmith shops were popular stops for the members of the community, and this meant it was a good place to get the word out on upcoming events. You will see numerous political posters and advertisements posted in Edgar's shop that verify the fact that this was a great place to get publicity for whatever reason. If you visit us, don't forget to ask your tour guide why there is a vanilla bottle among the artifacts in this shop!

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