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Meyer/Rohr Family Farm

Meyer/Rohr Family Farm

Meyer farm.jpg

Meyer/Rohr Farmstead

Location:                  9472 S. 27th Street

                                    Oak Creek, WI

Established:            1846


Joseph Meyer, a cabinet maker from Switzerland came to the New York State in 1834.  He met Jacob Rohr and his family of eight children on the ship as they crossed the Atlantic.  After living together in New York, the combined family moved to a 225 acres farmstead on the northeast corner of Ryan Rd. and south 27th St. in 1846.  Joseph married Jacob’s daughter, Anna.  The Rohrs lived on the 27th Street farm while Joseph and Anna owned a 150 acre farm in Franklin adjacent to the current location of the County House of Correction.   They lived there until 1872 when Jacob Rohr died.  At that time Fred Meyer (Joseph’s son) purchased and moved to the 27th St. farm.

Successive descendants of Joseph and Anna Meyer ran the farm.   Alfred (Fred’s son) ran the farm as a dairy with other general farming and a small home orchard.   In 1929, the family began the first mass plantings of a commercial orchard.   The orchard expanded and became the primary operation at the farm.  At one time the farm included 144 acres.  Leroy, (Alfred’s son) expanded the operation into a well know Oak Creek orchard including a retail outlet at the farm.   Barry Meyer (Leroy’s son) was the last family member to run the orchard.

In 2005 the farm land was sold and developed.  A Pick ‘n Save food store is now at the site.   While the farm house and barn could not be saved, Leroy’s wife Beulah saved trilliums from the property.  They were planted at the Wehr Nature Center at Whitnal Park.

Leroy Meyer was a very active member of the Oak Creek Historical Society. He compiled a museum of old farm artifacts and enjoyed volunteering to teach children about the farming lifestyle.

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