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Farm Family Stories:

The shed also contains a collection of stories about Oak Creek pioneer farm families.  Click below for details.

Miller Farm Shed


The Miller farm shed was moved to the complex in 1984 when the widening of Puetz Road would have caused the building to be destroyed.  It was located about a quarter of a mile west of Howell Avenue.


Oak Creek was primarily a farming community from 1832 until the 1950’s.  This building houses the tools and machinery used by farmers during that period. The building’s purpose is to emphasize the importance of farming to Oak Creek by displaying many early implements that were used and for the most part donated by Oak Creek farmers.


Building Highlights


The building contains plows, planters, a cream separator, harvesters and many other items. One feature worth mentioning is the threshing belt placed near the back of the building.  The belt was used to transfer power from tractors or separate engines to operate numerous pieces of equipment.  One example is the saw, which is sitting outside the building.  As you look at many of the other pieces of equipment, you can see that these were also powered via the belt.

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