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1874 Oak Creek Town Hall


Built in 1874, the Oak Creek Town Hall served as the local government headquarters and was in use until 1963. It was loacated at the corner of Howell Avenue and Puetz Road in the heart of Oak Creek..


Many of the meetings between town officials and citizens during the legendary incorporation battle took place in this very building in 1955. The battle for Oak Creek to become a city involved an incredible test of nerves and wits to fight off an attempt by Milwaukee to annex Oak Creek. When a new City Hall was to be built at the same site as the Town Hall, city officials had this historic building slated for destruction.


A group of citizens, led by Henry Mahr, decided the Town Hall was too precious to be destroyed and decided to raise funds to save it. After numerous fund raising events, the money needed to move the Town Hall was in hand, but a location was needed. The then owner of Forest Hill Cemetery, Jack Haueter, donated land on the northwest corner of the cemetery grounds and the building was moved there. This great accomplishment was the start of the Oak Creek Historical Society, and through the years four more Oak Creek area historic buildings were moved to this site.


When Henry Mahr died in 1988, the bulding was renamed the Henry Mahr Memorial Town Hall as a tribute to his hard work and vision to preserve the area's local history and heritage.

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